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You can actually have more fun celebrating a 21st birthday while keeping you and your guests safe if you call Snibley's Chauffeur Service.

Have Snibley's Cauffeur Service pick your guests up at their homes. Relax with out the worries of trying to collect your intoxicated friend's keys. There will be no stress over keeping one person sober to drive your guests from bar to bar.

You and your guests can enjoy a comfortable ride from lounge to lounge while legally and safely sipping on cocktails. With music a player, a karaoke machine, a dvd player, beverages, snacks and friends in the limousine, Snibley's Chauffeur Service has often had clients decide to have their party in the limousine while driving around.

Snibley's Chauffeur Service does not provide alcohol or snacks. However, the chauffeur will stock the limousine with a couple bottles of sparkling cider, ice, glasses, napkins, emergency spew bags and mints.

Often at 21 Snibley's Chauffeur Service's clients like to take their birthday celebration to one of the college towns, usually about an hour away from their home town. By using Snibley's Chauffeur Service there is no need to get a motel and no one drives after a night of no sleep. Some clients bring pillows and blankets to sleep their way back home while others continue the party right to their door-step.

Make the 21st birthday safe for your guests and others that may be on the road too. Call Snibley's Chauffeur Service (541) 992-3858